Axisplus offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, reliable memory solutions for use in the Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Gaming, and Communications sectors. Our memory products for embedded devices include M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, mSATA Mini SSDs, half-slim SSDs, CF cards.


        Embedded systems form an incredibly important but easily overlooked part of our daily lives. Every embedded system is dedicated to a specific task that vary greatly in size and complexity – it can be anything from something as simple as turning a street light on and off, to operating something as advanced as factory automation.

        To ensure optimum endurance, our memory solutions include a wide temperature (-40℃ to 85℃) tolerance option, low power consumption, and shock and water resistance. Additionally, the memory devices support useful features such as error code correction, S.M.A.R.T. functionality, advanced global wear-leveling, and Intelligent Power Shield to ensure reliability.



        Axisplus is proud to offer a complete line of SSD, flash tailored for use in automation. These solutions are becoming even more relevant and necessary in an increasingly interconnected sector that is on the cutting edge of the Internet of Things. With this interconnectivity has come a dispersed and collaborative workforce, making security and digital data management also major concerns.


        One of the core concepts of modern automation is augmented reality; in other words, creating virtual versions of devices, machines and vehicles. This along with the increasing demand for data analytics and software integration makes high-speed and reliable components an absolute necessity. High robustness is also essential as components are subject to high mechanical and thermal stress in industrial environments. The power supply in industrial settings is often unstable. As such there needs to be safeguards in place to protect data, and ensure a smooth system restart if power is suddenly cut.


         Also, understanding that automated processes are often carried out in harsh environments, with components subject to mechanical shocks, high humidity, extreme temperatures, as well as hazardous materials suspended in the atmosphere, Axisplus offers special options, such as conformal coating, as well as drop- and vibration-tested products, to ensure endurance and reliability.



        The growing server market is a demanding sector and one for which reliable storage technologies are indispensable. With the growth of the Internet of Things and mobile internet, servers are now playing an increasingly important role in the storage and distribution of information. For these applications, fault tolerance—reliability—is a major issue. Axisplus Information is proud, then, to offer industrial-grade DRAM modules for server and workstation with built-in Error Correction Code. In addition, our SSDs, flash modules, SD, CF solutions are also suitable for use in servers.


        Even with many technological advances, the main needs of server building can still be summed up as speed, scalability, longevity and power efficiency. Server components have to efficiently handle the ever increasing data amounts, and when approaching the limits, they should facilitate simple and seamless server scaling. A solid product lifespan is crucial for reliable server operations, while keeping power consumption to a minimum both lowers costs and avoids overheating.


        Axisplus’s industrial-grade products are made for extremely demanding applications in rugged environments subject to shock, vibration, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. In addition to standardized products, Axisplus offers customized high-quality industrial-grade solutions to meet specific application demands.